Is natural medicine still an emerging paradigm in medicine?

A paradigm is a model which is used to explain events. A revolution is occuring in health care, at the forefront of which is “naturopathic medicine”, a system which focuses on promoting health and on treating diseases with natural, non-toxic therapies. The old paradigm was that the body functions like a machine.The new paradigm however focuses on the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotions, social factors, and the environment in determining the status of health. According to Murray M. and Pizzorno J. in their book, “The Encyclopaedia of Natural Medicine” (1997), this emerging model utilizes natural, non-invasive techniques to promote health and healing rather than relying on drugs or surgery. However, the use of natural medicine to promote healing has come to stay and is now very popular. A number of medical practitioners are now using natural medicine to treat diseases, either as an adjunct to orthodox medicines or as an alternative and they are recording remarkable successes.

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